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Brace yourself: Mark Wahlberg hasn't played Max Payne

Justin McElroy

Sadly, we've gotten used to Hollywood muckety-mucks not actually playing through the source material when they're creating a movie based on a video game. But Mark Wahlberg's answer as to why he's avoided Max Payne while playing the title role in the film is almost breathtaking as both evasion and backhanded insult.

"I didn't want to play because I have an addictive personality," he told People Magazine. "I got more responsibility now than I've ever had with the kids and everything else. I don't want to be spending 14 hours on the videogame and then eight hours on the set. It's not going to work out."

That's right, video game fans: With one wrong decision, Mark Wahlberg could have turned into you, and that's just not a risk he's willing to take.

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