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Prince of Persia creator remaking his first game, Karateka


Before turning his attention (and game design skills) to platforming persian princes, Jordan Mechner was all about asian martial arts and a game called Karateka. It was his first game, in fact, and according to comments he made during a Comic-Con 2008 panel, will also be his next.

Gamasutra reports that, when asked about his freshman effort, Mechner replied: "There actually is a plan to bring back Karateka. It's a project I'm going to be involved in." Just to make things mysterious, he added: "I can safely say it's not going to be in the way you expect."

We'd expect a 3D reimagining of the side-scroller, which is best remembered for its (at the time) stunning animation. We wouldn't expect an RPG, FPS, RTS, or MMO. Hey, maybe it will be a Karateka FPSRTSMMORPG? Actually, lose everything but the "RPG" (think Jade Empire) and we may have a winner.

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