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You could win gold in the Velvet Assassin ARG

Justin McElroy

We know that some of you out there are absolute alternate reality game nuts, so we wanted to turn you on to one that's just getting into full swing, part of a promotional effort for Gamecock's upcoming Velvet Assassin, we've been lead to believe.

The hunt is currently on for the second of three caches of gold, and clues have started appearing in the public announcements section of UK's The Times. Because we love you so very much, we've put all three after the jump. If you're ready to do some investigating, we'd suggest digging through this in-game blog or, if you're up for something less immersive, this thread about the game.

July 11 message:
"Edward Spencer would like to praise so many friends and religious meeting members - service for all in the old hall on fiftieth anniversary of town council. More details July 19th."

July 19:
"Religious Friends Meeting - meeting praise at the old town hall, many to Edward Spencer. Further information Friday."

July 25:
"And so to Edward. Praise friends and, like Spencer, many would."

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