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Apple stores issue 'golden tickets' for iPhone 3G buyers

Scott McNulty

People are still lining up at Apple stores to pay iPhone 3G's. Clearly, people are crazy about Apple's new phone, but what is Apple doing to make it a little easier to get your hands on a shiny new iPhone? Our friends at iPhone Central note that Apple stores have new, extended hours to pack the people in. Apple stores are now opening at 8am, for you early rising iPhone seekers.

Apple retail staffers will also be roaming the lines and prequalifing people for iPhone purchases. Once you've been prequalified you are issued a ticket that is good for an iPhone 3G. You can use the ticket right then and there (when it is your turn, of course) or return later in the day.

Sounds like a pretty fair system to me. Have you stood in line for an iPhone lately? What do you think of Apple's new methods?

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