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ArenaNet will not show Guild Wars 2 at PAX

Shawn Schuster

It's no secret that Guild Wars 2 is a hot topic among Guild Wars players, so every time the smallest leak of information surfaces, excitement ensues. Yet lately we've heard more and more about how this anticipated sequel is not quite ready for prime time. One example is the announcement earlier this month that there will be no GW2 beta in 2008, as was first estimated. Now we hear that GW2 will not even be shown at PAX in late August.

This bit of news was leaked last week by ArenaNet's new Community Manager Regina Buenaobra. She said it first on the main forums, and then again on her user talk page of the official GW wiki. Despite many of the inevitable negative comments that have erupted in the forums since this was announced, creating an MMO from scratch still takes several years. With recent news of other games opting to release "on time" with minimal content, we can't help but scratch our heads at this type of situation. It's been asked a million times before, but we'll ask it again: would you rather have a partial game released now, or a complete game released later?

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