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Dreamcast emulator for PSP real, really slow


It's time for another edition of "They Did What?" Okay, so it's the first and only edition (so far), but this is pretty darn cool. We're talking about nullDC PSP, the first Sega Dreamcast emulator for PSP. It's the creation of nullDC (a Dreamcast emulator for PC) author "drkIIRaziel" and has just recently gotten to the point where it loads and runs Shenmue ... at, oh, one frame per second. (With games taking 20-30 minutes to load.)

Still, the prospect of walking around with a "DC Pocket" is definitely appealing. Let's hope for the sake of those who'd use it to play games they legally own that Sony's rumored new PSP-3000 doesn't make a mess of the hombrew scene with potential new anti-piracy measures.

[Thanks, Craig!]

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