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Rumor: Yoda could come to PS3 Soul Calibur IV through DLC

Justin McElroy

It makes perfect sense that even though Darth Vader and Yoda were appearing in two separate versions of Soul Calibur IV, they would eventually have to do battle with each other. We're sure they're drawn together by the Force, midi-chlorians, and, most importantly, the Scrooge McDuck-style vat of money derived from charging for both of them as downloadable content.

First we caught wind that Vader might be making his way to 360. Now, our friends at Siliconera have discovered a blurb from Sony Computer Entertainment Korea, which wrote, "you can make a dream come true with Darth Vader vs. Yoda and My Character vs. Apprentice fights through available downloads." Possible typo? Maybe. But after Friday's story that's looking less and less likely.

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