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Seattle's KING 5 shuts of analog for 30 seconds, select viewers freak out

Darren Murph

Up until now, the digital TV transition test markets have seen their tests go over pretty smoothly. Wilmington, Las Vegas and Orlando were able to complete their respective trials without too many issues, but apparently the folks up in the Pacific Northwest aren't nearly as prepared. During a 5:00PM newscast late last week, Seattle's KING 5 simulated an analog cutoff for around half a minute which presented users watching the analog signal with a "snowy" picture. Another test was scheduled for 10:00PM, but the outcry from individuals who "had their television reception interrupted" by the afternoon test forced a postponement. If any of you reading this now just happened to be one of those characters freaking out by the distorted imagery, do yourself a favor and click here to get prepared for the 2009 cutover.

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