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Today in Joystiq: July 29, 2008

Ross Miller

This Bully-themed costume has one problem: this hombre has a watch on, whereas Jimmy is watchless. Epic fail, man -- better luck next time! (We're kidding, of course!) Check out the highlights for today:

Readers pick best webcomic: Waiting

Demigod releases first trailer, confirmed playable at PAX
Blackwater mercs say 'make music, not war'
Molyneux talks three new Fables and a secret project
Nintendo files lawsuit to curb DS piracy
Amazon clarifies some Gears of War 2 Lancer details
Resident Evil 4 vs. Resident Evil 5 vid showcases scary similarities
Valve committed to XBLA, re-releases possible
Scrabulous disabled for US, Canadian Facebook users
Square Enix pres Yoichi Wada preaches platform neutrality
Hell's Highway pushed back to September
A Grimm first trailer
'A Snake for a new era,' Kojima teases
Sierra: Ghostbusters 'absolutely not cancelled'
Sony profits dip, games division way up
Riccitiello: EA should have bet on Wii; PS3 and 360 still 'meaningful'
Take-Two excited about Wii, mum on GTA for the system
Double Fine: Brutal Legend is 'fine,' weevils not
EA doubles Q1 revenues, troubled by $95 million loss
New PlayStation 3 FCC filing found, likely 80GB
Command & Conquer FPS Tiberium delayed to fiscal 2010
Mass Effect DLC now on PC for free
Battlefield Heroes pushed back to late 2008
Bionic Commando Rearmed's divergent finale
EA generated $90m through digital distribution in Q1
EA: Boom Blox not a bomb after all
Red Alert 3 skipping PS3 due to 'exotic and tough' development
Shane Kim talks MMO stumbles
DC, Capcom partner for Resident Evil, Devil May Cry comics

Rumors & Speculation
Pachter: Nintendo has not abandoned the core audience
Rumor: Yoda could come to PS3 Soul Calibur IV through DLC

Culture & Community
Dreamcast emulator for PSP real, really slow
No compromise with working, full-size NES belt buckle
BlizzCon tickets on sale August 11
Fuel for debate: More E3 'best of' award winners announced

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