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Boom Blox sales stack up


After the first month of Boom Blox's release, sales of EA's original, excellent built-for-Wii game didn't look too hot. Apparently, sales have come along quite nicely since then, according to statements made in a conference call last night.

EA CFO Eric Brown told investors that Boom Blox had sold 450,000 units since launch. Since Brown didn't specify the region in which those sales took place, it's probably worldwide. While 450,000 worldwide is not exactly a blockbuster (though Boom Blox kind of can't help but be a blockbuster), it's certainly a much happier number than the 60,000 quoted earlier. And that's the thing about this kind of "expanded audience" game that Nintendo likes so much: even if it doesn't sell a million in the first month, it'll sell steadily for a long time.

The question on our minds: which region is Boom Blox selling best in? Has Japan taken to it since its release this month?


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