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More netbooks on the way from Lenovo, Sylvania and Intel


It looks like the number of netbook hold-outs just keeps on dwindling, with Lenovo and Sylvania now entering the fray, and Intel coming back for another kick at the can. While details are light on Lenovo's offering, the company is reportedly looking at launching it as soon of September of this year, and it'll apparently be targeting both consumer and enterprise markets with it. Sylvania, on the other hand, is going squarely after the average user with its new "g netbook MESO" (pictured above), which it'll apparently be offering in addition to its recently announced Cloudbook iteration. This one is said to boast an 8.9-inch display, along with the usual 1.6GHz Atom processor, an 80GB hard drive, a built-in card reader, a webcam, and your choice of Windows XP or Ubuntu Netbook Remix for an OS. No word on a price just yet, but the lack of SSD would seem to suggest it'll be on the lower end of things. Lastly, we have word that Intel is already hard at work on the third version of its Classmate PC, although the company apparently isn't going any farther than to say that it'll have a "new look and feel," and that it'll get both hardware and software upgrades. And really, is there anything more you need to know than that?

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