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Netgear rolls out Wireless-N Upgrade Kit


Netgear looks to be doing its part to bring every last home network into the Wireless-N fold, with the company now rolling out its appropriately-named Wireless-N Upgrade Kit, which includes a 5GHz Wireless-N HD Access Point (WNHDE111) and that RangeMax Dual-Band Wireless-N USB adapter (WNDA3100) that made an appearance at the FCC earlier this year. Like most such kits, the included Access Point can function either as a standalone bridge (including with a game console or media receiver) or as a full-fledged 5GHz Wireless-N access point when it's connected to an existing router or gateway. There's also not many surprises with the USB adapter, although it does boast some "patented metamaterial micro-antennas," which promise to out-do other non-metamaterial 802.11n adapters. If that's got you sold, you can pick up the kit right now for $149.

[Via BIOS]

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