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Palm Centro eclipses 2 million mark, Colligan totally cool with that

Chris Ziegler

Palm's nailed a bona fide runaway success just in the nick of time with its Centro series, hitting its second million in global sales in about half the time it took to reach the first million (thanks in no small part to a new round of carrier launches, we'd imagine). Makes sense: it's small, it's really reasonably priced for a smartphone, and while it's not stylish by any stretch of the imagination, it still manages to beat the pants off the Treo line's tired, buttoned-up look. CEO Ed Colligan's using the opportunity to thumb his nose at the competition a bit, though, and that's where we get a little worried. Instead of hearing things like "whew, thank goodness, the Centro gave us the cash infusion we desperately needed to fuel work on Palm OS 2 and a compelling product line revamp," we're seeing him spout off about how the Centro's easier to use and "less pretentious" than the iPhone, ribbing Apple over the fact that the Centro's been 3G since the beginning, and talking about how easy it is to get the 411 on your peeps with the Centro's supposedly best-in-class Facebook app. It's great to be proud of a successful product, no doubt, Ed -- but let's not forget that your most direct competitor, RIM, isn't exactly standing still. Can we trade this revelry and trash talk for even a super-brief Palm OS 2 demo, pretty please?

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