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Summer of Arcade may terrorize your wallet [update]

Update: It looks like the high prices of Braid and Castle Crashers are "incorrect" according to Microsoft. Click here for the full story.

If you're anything like us you stocked up on MS Points in preparation for August's extensive XBLA release list. With releases like Galaga Legions, Braid and Castle Crashers around the corner it looks like it's going to be a good time for the Arcade. There is some potential bad news however, the Summer of Arcade is going to missile-dropkick your wallet.

According to the official Japanese Xbox 360 blog, Braid (August 6) lists a purchase price of 1200MS Points ($15 US), while the highly anticipated Castle Crashes clocks in at a hefty 1800MS Points ($22.50 US) -- making it the most costly XBLA title to date.

While these prices have only been set for the Japanese market, readers should keep in mind that prices are generally the same in Europe and North America. While -- based on hands-on impressions of both titles -- we can't wait to play Braid and Castle Crashers, we wonder if anyone feels too burned to throw down $37.50 (US) for a pair of Arcade releases.

Galaga Legions
and Bionic Commando: Rearmed are both priced at 800MS Points each.

[via GameBytes]

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