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10.5.5 developer seed released, includes install warning

Cory Bohon

Yesterday, we noted that Apple was close to releasing a 10.5.5 seed for developers. Little did we know that it would be dropping a couple hours later. AppleInsider is reporting that the 10.5.5 developer seed was released today, along with an interesting note.

Developers were told not to install the update on any Mac that uses integrated graphics. These computers include: MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac Mini, and some models of iMac. The build number of 10.5.5 is showing up as "build 9F5," however, these pre-release build numbers have a history of changing before the update is released to the general public.

Developers were asked to evaluate many parts of the OS, specifically: AirPort, FileSync, and the Finder. AppleInsider notes that this update fixes over 82 bugs that were reported in 10.5.4.

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