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Joystiq Exclusive: a sneak peek at the upcoming i am 8 bit show

Kevin Kelly

We've been able to pry some exclusive images out of the i am 8 bit showrunners -- here they are in gallery-tastic form, just for you. As a wallpaper-friendly reminder, be sure to click the "Hi Res" button in the upper right corner to get some enormo versions of the art. It's the best way to have a technicolor Samus gracing your desktop.

The new gallery show will open on August 14th in Los Angeles, and will run through September 7th. If you can't make it West, don't worry ... Joystiq will have you covered. Check back on the evening of the 14th for a plethora of photos from the show. That is, if we haven't hocked our laptops to buy this Dig Dug meets Animal Crossing piece.

Gallery: i am 8-bit: 2008 | 126 Photos

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