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Logitech crafting 'premium' Guitar Hero peripherals


In an effort to create more realistic fake instruments, Logitech is partnering with Activision on a line of "premium" peripherals for the latter's upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour. Multiple products are in development, although Logitech would not comment on exactly what they are, confirming only that the first of them will hit this year. Given that it already has the market cornered on USB microphones (nearly every music game's mic is made by Logitech) we're guessing all educated-like that guitars and drums are the core of the lineup. Also, while this news is obviously geared toward hyping World Tour, we're looking into potential Rock Band compatibility for the products.

The peripherals are being designed to work with every platform Guitar Hero World Tour is launching on, specifically PS3, 360, Wii, and PS2. Logitech gaming devices VP Bruce Lancaster likens this move to the one the company made with steering wheels for Gran Turismo, saying, "A few years ago, Logitech refined the consumer steering wheel market with high-end controllers that enhance racing games. Now we are looking forward to elevating the market for premium music-based video game controllers in a similar fashion." Here's hoping that one of the "premium" drumkit features is a steel kick pedal like the one used by our house band, the Blueberry Muffintops. What would you like to see?

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