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Mac 101: Folder shortcuts in the Finder

Robert Palmer

Another quick tip in our Mac 101 series for beginners: Some special folders on your computer have keyboard shortcuts that you can press to instantly navigate to that folder when using the Finder.

For example, to open your Applications folder, click on your desktop and use the shift (???) and command (???) keys to type ??? ??? A. Voilà! Your Appplications folder appeareth.

Other folders have shortcuts too:

  • Your computer: ??? ??? C
  • Your home folder: ??? ??? H
  • Your desktop: ??? ??? D
  • Computers on your local network: ??? ??? K
  • Your Utilities folder: ??? ??? U
  • Your iDisk: ??? ??? I

You can also bring up a dialog box to specify a path to a specific folder on your hard disk by typing ??? ??? G.

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