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Scott McNulty, signing off

Scott McNulty

I'm not used to writing about myself here on TUAW. I'm usually not the story, but just this once we thought it would be appropriate to break with tradition.

After 3.5 years here at TUAW (here's my first post), and serving as lead blogger for a good portion of that time, I will be moving on to other things (perhaps bigger, if I'm lucky, but it is hard to think that they will be better. If they are just as good I'll count myself as a lucky fellow indeed).

TUAW's destiny is now in the very capable hands of Dave Caolo and Mike Rose. TUAW will continue to grow by leaps and bounds under their leadership, and it will bring you all the great tips, tricks, and Mac news you have come to expect.

Read on for more of this treacly goodbye post.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank some folks: my fellow TUAWers and our great readers. First, you guys, our loving readers (I sure hope I don't have any typos in this post). Without your interest, loyalty, and support TUAW would be nothing and my life would be very different. Thanks for giving my thoughts a space in your browsers, and in your life. As a writer nothing makes you happier than knowing that your words will be read.

The members of team TUAW, both past and present, have always managed to impress me with their passion, knowledge, and willingness to share that with the world. It is really our team that has lead to the success of TUAW. I was just sensible enough to hire most of them (but really, anyone would have done the same thing in my position).

Now, I know what you're thinking, 'Goodness! How will I get my fix of Scott McNulty now that he won't be blogging for TUAW?' Worry not, Scott McNulty fans, I have a very large, and ego-centric, presence on the internet. You can check out my blog, watch my cooking podcast Fork You, or cyberstalk me via Twitter. That way you can stay on top of all things Scott McNulty related (and really, who doesn't want to know what I'm doing all the time?).

Thanks for reading.

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