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Feral to bring Sid Meier's Pirates! to the Mac

Mat Lu

Sid Meier's Pirates! was one of my favorite games of all time. Another legendary game from the mastermind behind Civilization, it first came out for the C64 way back in 1987 (with ports to both the Apple II and Mac). Then in 2004, it was remade for the PC and later ported to the (original) Xbox and PSP. Now Feral Interactive is finally bringing out an OS X version of Pirates!. The open-world (better yet, open seas!) gameplay is relatively simple, but addictive. There's an overall quest to exact revenge against a dastardly villain, which is advanced by various sub-quests, piracy on the high seas (of course!), trading goods, searching for buried treasure, and wooing Governors' daughters.

Sid Meier's Pirates! for Mac is available for pre-order at $30. It's expected to ship on August 29th.

[via Macworld UK]

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