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    Garmin Oregon 400t gets reviewed

    Nilay Patel

    Garmin's Oregon 400 nav comes in a few different flavors depending on how you like to experience the outdoors, but the essential 3-inch touchscreen package is the same, and it looks like it's a winner -- the folks at PC Magazine just put the 400t variant through its paces, and found that it's an "excellent hiking companion." Of course, for six bills you'd damn well better get a sensitive GPS receiver with quick acquisition times, but the 400t also impressed with solid battery life on just two AAs and easy set up. Of course, as an outdoor-centric PND, the highway guidance features are a bit lacking compared to devices like Garmin's Nuvis, but if you're looking to tromp around the woods in style and you've got cash to spare, it sounds like the Oregon series is worth a look.

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