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Get the 'free' Madden Xbox 360 demo for only $5.97

Kevin Kelly

We walked into 7-11 today while representatives were setting up the massive marketing onslaught of Madden NFL 09, and it's a full blitz. There are standees, posters, chip racks, Big Gulp plastic collectible cups, and even Madden sandwiches. That's right, Madden sandwiches. Boom. We feel as confused as the digital Terrell Owens in that photo.

As a "special deal" they're offering a FREE Xbox 360 Madden NFL 09 demo... if you purchase a "Madden Sub" ($3.59 for a turkey and cheddar sub, with maybe half a leaflet of lettuce on it), a .99 bag of Doritos (your choice of scent/flavor!) and any "Gulp" or larger drink. We didn't even know there were just plain old "Gulps."

Find out what kind of idiot buys something you can get online at home free, after the break.

That's right. Joystiq did it. What can we say? We were hungry, and we like free stuff. Plus it saves us the trouble of a 1.1 GB download. The disc includes DVD highlights of several NFL videos including The Quarterbacks, Moment of Impact, The NFL's Greatest Follies: Volume 3, Just One Play, and... Chuck? That's right, DVD highlights of NBC's Chuck. We don't get it either. Nom nom nom.

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