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Rumor: More 360 price cuts in September


"Is this thing on?"

This is his first night at the comedy club. It's a seedy, poorly lit establishment frequented by society's dregs and a lingering smell of burnt onions. He adjusts his tie and prays that the squeaky ceiling fan doesn't drown out his applause ... nor his accompaniment.

"So, what's the deal with these Xbox 360 prices? I tell ya, I'm beginning to think they're emo ... since they keep cuttin' themselves. Take this mole guy from Ars Technica. See, he's the one who let's 'em in on industry see-grits, but they can't tell us who he is due to a blinding contract. His latest piece o' dirt is that the Xbox 360 is goin' down in September -- that's $399 for the Elite, $299 for the 60 gigger and $199 for the Arcade. Man, I'm so confused by all these models. They keep explainin' them to me and I gotta keep asking. SKUse me?"

Squeak. Squeak.

[Thanks, "Heh." We're here all week.]

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