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sakku's Solar Buddy bag proves these things can be sexy

Darren Murph

Yeah, Noon Solar's collection of sun-lovin' bags are pretty stylish, but outside of that, we haven't seen a single one we'd be caught dead (or alive) with... until now. sakku has introduced the Solar Buddy for those who just need something tossed over their shoulder, and while the solar panel is unmistakable, the bag still manages to go easy on the eyes. Reportedly, the knapsacks are constructed from recycled material, and while the "direct" model charges portable gadgetry directly (big shock, right?), the "akku" model actually includes a battery pack that can be juiced for use in darkened alleyways and the like. A tad steep at €175 ($271) / €245 ($380) in order of mention, but it's probably a design premium we'd be willing to pay.

[Via Gizmodiva]

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