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T-Mobile offers "Family Allowances," wallets celebrate the end of overages?


T-Mobile is likely to bring a smile to the faces -- and bruised wallets-- of many parents when its Family Allowances feature launches sometime in August. For just $2 a month, it'll add complete control over junior's -- and juniorette's -- mobile spending, with a website that'll allow metering of minutes, downloads, call times, and messaging. All of the allotments will, of course, come out of your family plan, numbers can be excluded from the allowance with the Always Allowed feature, and unlimited calling features are preserved across the account. Once the time's up, that's the end of that service until the next billing cycle starts or a parental unit is convinced to restock your account. All in all, if $2 can save somebody potentially hundreds in overages, we're thinking this may be money very well spent.

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