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Viva Piata trailer makes us Believe

Now this is how you promote Viva Piñata. Parodying the Halo 3 Believe advertisement that swept a camera through a gorgeously crafted diorama, this trailer takes the characters of Piñata Island and places them in a similar epic battle -- complete with the original dramatic music. Is it fan made or legit? We don't know. It looks so good that it may be a professional job but it's so creative that it seems fan made. Who cares really, it is incredible. Also it works because now we totally can't wait for Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise to ship. We just hope it isn't like Halo 3 in that it doesn't include a scenario like this one at all.

Watch it. Live it. Love it. This trailer is epic. Believe.

[Thanks, Sean]

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