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WRUP: Seeing the world through ColecoVision Edition

Ross Miller

In August 1982, about 26 years ago, the ColecoVision sported a 3.58MHz processor, 1KB Ram and 16KB VRAM, a 256x192 resolution with 32 sprites and 16 colors, 3 tone and 1 noise sound generators and storage cartridges ranging from 8 to 32 KB. Just thought it'd be fun to put some things into perspective. Here's what we'll be playing this weekend. Be sure to let us know what games will be occupying your time!
  • Alexander Sliwinski: I have discovered the crack-cocaine called Civilization Revolution. It's a completely different experience from actual Civilization and I haven't decided whether or not I like it; however, four hours just disappeared the other day while I was playing it, so the addiction level is certainly still there. Need to test the multiplayer.
  • Christopher Grant: After trying – and subsequently failing – to find my controllers and AV cord for the original Xbox, my copy of Beyond Good and Evil must wait. Instead, I'll be giving some TLC to Fable: TLC this weekend. Works great on the 360, except if you want widescreen support, you need to set the console to 480p mode. Ahh, that's better. Also: Siren and Eden ... and maybe GeoWars 2.
  • Griffin McElroy ...
  • Kevin Kelly: Laugh if you must, but I'm joining a D&D game. We're playing the Ravenloft module. Old school, beyotches!
  • Kyle Orland: I'll be alternating between trying to beat all of Ludwig's scores in Geometry Wars 2 and taking breaks with PixelJunk Eden
  • James Ransom-Wiley: ...
  • Jason Dobson: With Disgaea 3 promising to have me grinding teeth on the PS3 later this month, I've recently returned to the series' PSP flavor, Afternoon of Darkness, to help prepare me for the long hours of power leveling, character building, and manic wit to come.
  • Justin McElroy: I'm playing a bizarre combination of The Neverhood and Alone in the Dark, if I get any free time. Go figure.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: I've been nursing a hangover all day. Not from drinking, but from the unrelenting assault of colors and particles that is Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2. Playing it until 5AM this morning was not a good idea ... but quitting the game seemed like an even worse decision. And I expect this trend will continue throughout the weekend as I zip through gates (which could kill you OH NOES) in Pacifism mode.
  • Randy Nelson: Geometry and PixelJunk filling my screen. Who will win? Why, me of course. That is unless I can't stop playing to eat. Actually, when was the last time I ate? Or drank anything? Oh my. Fact: the Remote Play function of the PS3 is super-rad. It lets me take PixelJunk Eden anywhere. Anywhere.
  • Ross Miller: I've been told to haul my Rock Band and Mario Kart Wii gear to a friend's house for a birthday celebration, but while that's going on I'll likely be sipping on a beer playing The World Ends With You.

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