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Belkin adds iPhone 3G compatibility to latest TuneCast Auto

Darren Murph

Surely you feel like buying an all new TuneCast Auto just months after picking up the original, right? Trust us, we can hear the groans from here. For the scads of iPhone 3G owners who are downright perturbed by the inability to charge the thing with some older accessories, you'll be none too pleased when handing over $79.99 for this. But unless you flex your DIY muscle and come up with some other solution (please share, will you?), buying an iPhone 3G-friendly alternative looks to be the only solution. This FM transmitter boasts ClearScan technology in order to hunt down and lock into the best FM frequency (good luck with that), but as we've already pointed out, the biggest boon is the iPhone 3G charging ability. Hey Apple, Belkin says "thanks." Whatever that means.

[Via I4U News]

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