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Qualcomm trials HSPA+, hits 20Mbps mark


Qualcomm's taking some pretty big baby steps with its HSPA+ testing by completing a data transfer test that reached 20Mbps. Sure, this isn't shattering records, but it is demonstrating a technology we may well see before LTE rolls our way at some point in the future. HSPA+, or HSPA Evolved, is touted as being able to double the data transfers and triple voice capacity on carrier's networks compared to current HSPA deployments. Not only will we all benefit from improved speed -- they're throwing 28Mbps down and 11Mbps upload speeds about -- and battery life on our devices, our service providers will be able to roll it out sans new spectrum purchase. Apparently the chipset behind the heroics, the MDM8200, is already shipping as a sample, so expect more speedy news soonish.

[Via PhoneScoop]

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