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Ask the Readers: iPhone games you can play with your own music?

Mat Lu

I have a confession: I like playing games on my iPhone. But I also like listening to my own music. Like chocolate and peanut butter these are two things that should go together. The only problem is that many iPhone games have their own (generally lame) music that stops the iPod app from playing.

So for the sake of myself, and others like me, I thought it would be good to get a list of iPhone / iPod touch games which allow you to play while listening to your own music. Unfortunately, I don't have the budget to buy all of the hundreds of games on the iTunes Store for research purposes, so I thought I'd throw it out to the readers. I'll get us started with a couple of my favorites: Enigmo and Moonlight Mahjong Lite (both iTunes links).

What games allow you to play while listening to your own music?

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