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Best Buy, Radio Shack gearing up for Touch Diamond launch on Sprint?

Chris Ziegler

It seems that Sprint's letting the cat out of the bag on its upcoming Touch successor -- within its trusted circle of retailers, anyway. We've now received some juicy morsels of information suggesting that both Best Buy and Radio Shack have been told to expect shipments of the MP6950 Touch Diamond in the next few weeks, with the big blue box tentatively expecting stock on August 17 (we think they're fooling themselves there, but it'd be nice) and the Shack expecting a more realistic-sounding September 2 launch. Along with the Touch Pro, the Touch Diamond should go a long way toward revitalizing Sprint's smartphone lineup at a time when the carrier can pretty much use every little bit of help it can get. In fact, we think we'll hook this up to a SERO plan and... ah, wait, never mind.

[Thanks, anonymous tipsters]

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