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Blu-ray releases on August 5th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

After the 24 new releases last week, just about any other week would be a let down, but this week's measly ten titles don't really have much to get excited about. Of course if you're a big Starship Troopers fan, then you got the trilogy out on Blu today, but we're betting you're not. The other sign it's a slow week is that the biggest title we can find is a foreign film with English sub-titles. Don't get us wrong, we still think it'll be good, we're just saying, we generally prefer not to read while we watch our movies. But we do have to say that the last time Sony brought us an import like this (The Lives of Others) we really enjoyed it. The BBC has a couple of titles that might be worth a shot though-- although we doubt anything could live up to Planet Earth -- most interestingly is Wild China, which is great timing with the Beijing Olympics right around the corner.

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