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Continental Seating injects Proscenium into Bravo! / Grand Tier collections

Darren Murph

There's nothing quite like sitting on a small mountain of cash, but we've heard from fortunate friends that doing so for two solid hours can be really back for your back. Thankfully, Continental Seating has devised a way of converting packs of Benjamins into amazingly fine seating instruments, the latest of which is the Proscenium. Said model has just been inserted into the Bravo! and Grand Tier collections where it's available in 21- / 24-inch flavors with your choice of Faux Leather, Ritz Suede, and Brazilian Leather coverings from the Bravo! collection and the choice of six grades of leather from the Grand Tier family. Only problem(s)? The four to six week lead time and the $1,420 to $2,840 price tag.

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