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Destroy All Humans! PSP gets canceled

Majed Athab

We hate to wake you up from an afternoon catnap, but we need to let you know that Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed for the PSP has been canceled. Oh wait, you never heard of this title? That's probably because we last reported on it about a year ago.

It is quite difficult to be excited about a game you don't hear much about, and so it comes as a non-shocker to hear that the game has been canceled. IGN reports that a THQ rep made this statement: "Basically, the PSP version was cancelled because of control issues ... When it was ported over to the PSP, the controls simply didn't translate well, and instead of pushing out the product with translated controls, it was canceled."

This must be bad news for Destroy All Humans! fans. For the rest of us who didn't have any vested interest in seeing alien "Willies" unleashing, we can all rest a little easier now.

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