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DISH Network 1080p VOD preview

Ben Drawbaugh

While DISH is still a few weeks away from delivering 1080p VOD, some of the details of how it'll actually work are starting to emerge. The content will be delivered to your HD DVR the same way some of DISH's VOD is, via your broadband satellite connection. It will be downloaded whether you want it or not, and once the transfer is complete, it'll show up with the rest of the VOD offerings. Before you'll be able to play the content though, the box will run a 1080p test to ensure your TV is up to snuff. If for whatever reason your display isn't capable of displaying 1080p, then the box will convert it to whatever resolution you usually use. This is cool and all, but we really can't wait to see how it looks. Sure, 1080p is the ultimate resolution available to consumers today, but we all know too well that resolution is only one of many factors involved in the ultimate video experience.

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