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Forum post of the day: Dialing it in

Amanda Dean

I've been what you might call and internet junkie for about 15 years. I remember the old days of 2400 baud dialup. Highlighs of that era include bulletin boards, IRC, and elm for email. At this point I could not imagine life without high speed internet. Data transfer for WoW during playtime is minimal, but I had no idea that some people use dialup for WoW. Kaikais of Azgalor asked the general forums today how far one could go on dialup.

He says that he's reached level 70 and is now faced with the challenge of gearing up his characters. His concern is being able to seriously raid or PvP with such a connection. Some mentioned that they have either experienced dialup themselves or have had raid members that relied this type of internet connection. Many reported lag and limitations with Ventrilo, most seem to be getting along alright on an old school connection.

Some are of the opinion that broadband is a must, although a high speed internet connection is not available in all areas. Noctu of Skull crusher pointed out that a dialup connection does have its advantages. Other players are also forced to deal with lag which can sometimes make them hard to hit.

I can only imagine how painful updates would be on a dial up connection. In light of this post, I imagine we must have some dialup readers at WoW insider. Is a high speed connection required for your teammates?

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