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Has the migration back to Tabula Rasa begun?

Shawn Schuster

Recently, with some of the new features added to Tabula Rasa in Deployments 10 and 11, it seems older, original players who left the game in droves are now curiously scratching the door, asking to be let back in. Is this a sign of things to come, as a part of the usually inevitable return to an MMO that most early adopters face, or just a sign of player boredom as we all await the fall launch season?

Either way, and for whatever reason, it does seem like more players are making the return to Tabula Rasa and finding that they enjoy the game again. Of particular interest is a recent forum post over at PlanetTR where the players compile a pleasant list of things they've enjoyed in the game that seem different than other MMOs they've tried. After all the negativity surrounding the game in previous months, it's nice to see that the game might enjoy a resurgence afterall. It's happened before with other games, so it's certainly a possibility with Tabula Rasa as well.

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