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Intel wants every HD STB to be network enabled

Ben Drawbaugh

Ever since personal computers have been capable of displaying full motion video -- almost ten years now -- we've wanted the same great content we have access to our TV, on our PC. Intel has been on board with us since day one -- for obvious reasons -- and was a big reason why the FCC currently requires cables companies to provide us with a HD STB with a functional 1394 port (upon request). But as we all know, 1394 isn't all the rage these days and thanks to all the DRM -- and the lack of 5C support on PCs -- going through the trouble of requiring your provider to comply with the mandate, just isn't worth it to access the same channels you can already get with a clear QAM tuner. So for the reasons mentioned above, Intel has petitioned the FCC to replace the 1394 requirement with a IP one. While we agree that IP is more widespread than 1394, we aren't so sure about the DRM that would be used to protect the content; DTCP-IP. So while we want HD on our PC as much as the next, if the FCC doesn't also require CableLabs to license DTCP-IP to computer software and hardware manufactures alike, we really don't see how this change would help.

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