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Monster Hunter set to make more money with new products

Majed Athab

"Monsuteru Hanteru" really must be Japanese words for "fast cash" because the series has been exactly that for Capcom. The Monster Hunter series is sure successful, and what do you do with successful franchises? You milk them until the teats start bleeding colored paper with funny looking people and numbers on them.

In line with this, Capcom is releasing more products in its Monster Hunter kitchen line with: a coffee tumbler (¥1,365 - $13), sack bag (¥840 - $8), coffee mug (¥945 - $9), and hand towels (¥525 - $5). The kitchen line products as well as beach sandals (¥2,100 - $20), and key covers (¥525 - $5) will be available August 14. You can find all of these at Capcom's online store. Go ahead and splurge, and while you're at it, pick us up some ramen!

[Via Gpara]

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