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Motorola VE240 hitting an American carrier near you?

Chris Ziegler

Cellpassion has unearthed a new candybar from Motorola that it claims will find shelter on "a couple" US carriers -- and judging from the "MetroPCS" front and center on the display, we'd tend to agree. The so-called VE240 really isn't much to look at, but it obviously has a music slant and reminds us a bit of the W388 we first saw not long ago with an added bar of bright orange across the front for, oh... excitement and style, we guess? If the MetroPCS bit checks out, it'll be a CDMA handset, so put away those newfangled SIM cards, GSM fanboys and girls.

phoneArena has now scored some high-res shots of the phone and says that it'll be available in Cricket in addition to MetroPCS.

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