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Toys R Us having trouble honoring Wii deal?


As you all know, there's a decent sale going on at Toys R Us. Now, the deal is supposed to include Wii Fit, and even shows it in the bundle of applicable titles on their website (click here for screen grab), but, according to one of our readers, store employees may not be hip to their own employer's sale. Our good friend Zachary was, in fact, denied Wii Fit as part of this sale.

According to the screen grab, as well as their circular (which also lists Wii Fit as eligible), Toys R Us should be including this in their sale. So when reader Zachary showed up without either, they would not allow him to include Wii Fit into the mix. Your best bet, both Zachary and our eyes, is to go down to your local shop with one of these in hand and, if they aren't willing to comply then, always ask for a manager. Hopefully he/she will be a bit more knowledgable than the regular staff.

Oh, and if you're looking for another game to pair up with Wii Fit, we'd suggest you check out Boom Blox.

[Thanks, Zachary!]

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