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Gears 2 lets mommy filter out blood and swearing

Dustin Burg

Even with a very adult "Mature" rating, Microsoft has confirmed that Gears of War 2 will include the option to filter out both the game's extreme violence and foul language. A system that's very similar to the original Gears' that filtered out gore, but a bit different.

According to What They Play, they've been informed by Microsoft that the Gears 2 violence filter "turns the blood into sparks," and the language filter in turn "takes out all the swear words." Sparks replacing blood? No manly Gears swearing? Doesn't sound much like Gears to us, but if it makes parents feel comfortable enough to let their eleven year old children experience the Gears universe then we're okay with it. Whoa, whoa ... wait a second ...

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