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Got some cash? Valve 'happy' to talk acquisition

Just like your favorite indie band – those guys that issued a giant middle finger to The Man and made it their own way, retaining credibility the way a sponge retains water – Valve isn't averse to an acquisition. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Before you tear down your Gabe Newell poster or throw away your Robin Walker découpaged Trapper Keeper, hear 'em out: Valve's veep of marketing Doug Lombardi simply said, "anything is possible" and that he'd be "happy" to discuss an acquisition of the hugely successful independent developer. He's not talking about "selling out" ... like that band ...

Valve's always done plenty in-house, but partnerships with Sierra and now EA Partners have provided the dev with significant marketing and distribution resources that it would rather not take on. Speaking of EA, Lombardi relayed some details behind Valve's decision to partner with the Big Bad Publisher, concluding, "We haven't seen the boogeyman." It's clear both Valve and EA have eyes for each other and, with recently acquired devs like BioWare and Pandemic calling their relationship with the publisher "mutually beneficial," it wouldn't surprise us if EA took Lombardi up on his offer to talk.

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