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Tabula Rasa Community Olympics event

Shawn Schuster

Let's face it, the PlanetTR community has remained an integral part of keeping Tabula Rasa what it is today. Sure, there's the gameplay improvements and all the recent work by the devs, but PlanetTR deserves some credit, too. A fine example of this is their new Tabula Rasa Olympics being held this Saturday, August 9th on the Public Test Server.

There will be thirteen events held here in all, including King of the Hill, Gymnastics, Swimming, Fencing and more. Most of these events will employ the use of vendor grey items, and have specific rules regarding class, race and item usage. This, of course, is to even the playing field among characters. Be sure to check out the PlanetTR forums for complete details, rules and sign-up information.

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