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Team ICO boss not feeling pressured to show new title

Nick Doerr

The early stages of development mean a lot of different things for a lot of different developers. Speaking with UK magazine gamesTM and brought to our attention by videogaming247, Fumito Ueda said "production has not reached the critical stage. The company is very reasonable thanks to my achievements in the past. So, although I do get pressurised, that's not happened yet [on the current project], and that's something I feel gratitude for, that the company gives us the opportunity to focus by giving us time."

What does this mean? Simply put, Ueda isn't getting pressured to show off his game yet because Sony knows brilliance takes time. The game is too young, too early in production stages, to really show off. We're willing to wait because we're sure when Ueda is ready to show the world, the world will watch.

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