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The Last Guy 'developer interview' translated, story revealed


Remember that crazy "developer interview" we posted about The Last Guy a few weeks ago? Well, since the announcement of a US release for the game, SCEA has officially translated the video. It goes to capture the wild and zany spirit of the title, but note that these aren't the real developers. The real development team is known for their work on Work Time Fun for PSP, which also featured a mini-game that plays almost exactly like this game. Check out fresh new screens in our gallery, and then check out the "story" after the break.


[Thanks, Gambit07! Video embed via Analog Hype]

"Set some time in the 21st century, a mysterious purple ray hits Earth, turning anyone outside and touched by the light into a zombie. With zombies roaming the streets, unaffected people lucky enough to have been inside a building when the ray hit are anxiously holding their collective breath for someone to rescue them. As the Last Guy, the player is the survivors' last hope to survive this global crisis."

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