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Today in Joystiq: August 5, 2008

Ross Miller

Sure, they think they'll get her, but truth is, she's got a power pellet hidden under that coat. (Via WebUrbanist; thanks, Sam) Check out the highlights for today:

Podcast Rodeo for August 5: Ear Factor

Mega Man 9 getting intentional bugs, flicker
'Bikini Samurai Squad' slashes Stateside on 360
Times: iPhone could be in 'same league' as DS, PSP
Atlus to inject PS2 with Eternal Poison this November
Warhawk Trophy patch goes online Aug 27
Avary is working on Wolfenstein flick 'right now'
Left 4 Dead on PS3? 4geddaboudit ... 4 now
Xbox 360 Avatars only in 'E' titles
Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox 360 in Taiwan
Ken Levine dances around new project
Stuff Magazine reveals new Guitar Hero World Tour tracks
Got some cash? Valve 'happy' to talk acquisition
ESA receives $282,794 reimbursement from California
Media Molecule teases new LittleBigPlanet reveal
Hell hath no Fury, neither does anyone else now
THQ boss declares console cycles dead
Metal Gear brings in solid profits for Konami Q1
BioWare envisions console-specific Dragon Age
Gears of War 2 to feature optional gore filter
Wahlberg: Max Payne 'is my favourite role so far'
Capcom: Spyborgs undergoing 'significant overhaul'
Deca Sports reaches 700,000 units shipped
NCSoft summons its chi for martial arts MMO
Some humans destroy Destroy All Humans! PSP
Half of Rare working on secret projects
LucasArts hiring testers for extra-super-secret MMO
Burnout Paradise 'Bikes Pack' throttles back to September
Carmack turned down Quake MMO offers

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Concept art from Halo: Fall of Reach movie
Rumor: GTA Chinatown Wars detailed in survey
Rumor: Rock Band 2 an Xbox 360 exclusive for just one month

Culture & Community
Diablo designer judging fan art for MTV
E3 awards: Fallout 3 = Best of Show; LittleBigPlanet = Best Console game
Wii hack zaps annoying health warning, region coding

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