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Wahlberg: Max Payne 'is my favourite role so far'

Boogie Nights' well-endowed Dirk Diggler? Nope. The Departed's wise-cracking Dignam? Uh-uh. Maybe Planet of the Ap ... yeah, not that one obviously. We're just wondering what Mark "y Mark" Wahlberg's favorite role has been in his brief, but illustrious, career. Turns out we don't need to guess, big Mark is here to tell us. Comparing his "out of control" childhood and the accompanying life lessons it provided in the latest issue of Total Film magazine with Max Payne's inner demons, Wahlberg says, "Maybe that's why this character is my favourite role so far."

Great, more data. So now you're tasked with weighing the various pieces of evidence at your disposal – he hasn't played the video game; the posters are great; he loves the role; Beau Bridges is in it – and making a snap judgment on a movie that isn't out yet. Quick! Does it suck? Is it going to be great? Citizen Kane or Max Payne, pick one!

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