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360 system update goes live, new features don't

Justin McElroy

Most of our posts are based around whipping you into a frenzy about some product (any one will do) so you'll go out and buy, buy, buy, shooting some much-needed muscle juice into our flagging economy. We do this because 1. We're incredibly patriotic and 2. We need Uncle Sam to keep turning a blind eye to the tens of millions of dollars we've hidden away in offshore companies all over the globe.

But today we're actually trying to brace you for a disappointment: When you boot up your 360 today, Major Nelson tells us there's going to be a new system update. But, he adds, it does absolutely nothing. Well, it "prepares for future growth of the service," whatever that means. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, we just didn't want to see your get your heart broken. Hey, maybe you could cheer yourself up with some spending? That always helps us.

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