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Bioshock's survivor mode fully explained

Majed Athab

If you've read our latest report on Bioshock, then you're probably inclined to search out for information on the mysterious and PS3-exclusive "survivor mode." What is it exactly? Well, the Cult of Rapture -- 2K's official Bioshock website -- explains that it's a "new, highly challenging difficulty."

In other words, it's a fancily named "very hard" difficulty with all the bells and whistles of an excruciatingly masochistic romp through Rapture. "Every fight is a decisive, life-or-death struggle," said 2K. Enemies are tougher and deal more damage. It looks like Bioshock vets who want to give the game another go with the PS3 version have another reason to play through. And look, it has trophies so you can show off those mad skillz. You can read more about survivor mode here.

[Via Joystiq]

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